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Royal Educational Centre is support to failures through NIOS Board and now new batches is going to start last date of registration 30 June 2017 The national institute of open schooling nios and failed students pass kare isi saal apna saal bachayaye in kanpur Uttar Pradesh Two institutions in the educational space - the National Institute of Open Schooling (formerly called the National Open School) and the Centre for Learning . Academic Courses: • Secondary Education Course: This is offered to those who are desirous of completing 10th standard education leading to Secondary School Certificate • Senior Secondary Education Course: This is designed for those who have passed 10th standard or equivalent and would like to continue their education for 12th standard. This leads to the Senior Secondary School Certificate. • Vocational and Stand Alone Courses This means anyone can take the Class X and Class XII exams without having to go to a conventional school. Admission Details: Essential requirements for admission to the Open School include: • Proof of age. The Admission Notice 2003-2004 states that there is no lower/upper age limit for Registration for NIOS Examinations. However, NIOS will not be responsible for Non-Admission to other institutions of higher education on account of the age mentioned in the certificates granted by NIOS. • Minimum educational qualifications which can be either self-certicate or a certificate of having passed class V for the Secondary Education Course and a pass in the Secondary Examination from a recognised board of Secondary Education for the Senior Secondary Education Course. • Supporting documents which can be a self-certificate or a Transfer certificate from any school for the Secondary Education Course and an attested copy of the Certificate of Matriculation / Secondary / High School Examination from a recognised Board of Secondary Education. • Registration for a course is valid for five years from the year of registration allowing nine chances to appear in the public examination held twice a year during this period. A two year gap is essential between passing of Secondary (class X) and Sr. Secondary (class XII) level. • Choice of Subjects: any five subjects from a given list is required for certification with no compulsory subject/language. This means one can take the Class X and XII exams at any age as long as one is above ten years of age, though one has to wait for two years between taking the Class X and the Class XII exams - don't know why they want this gap. Choice of subjects is again completely free as opposed to fixed combinations in a conventional school. There is a list of • School Boards that have recognised the National Open School Examinations for eligibility for the Senior Secondary Education Course (Class XI and XII). • Universities/Institutions that have recognised the National Open School Examination for eligibility for undergraduate college education. Most state and central boards figure in this list. So presumably anyone passing the Class X Open School Exams can join any conventional school for Classes XI and XII. Most major universities and all IITs figure in this list - so presumably anyone passing the Class XII Open School Exams can join any of the universities and IITs in the above list to pursue higher education. This opens up a potentially huge opportunity. Here's the idea: Set up an institution to function as a "school" but without formally being affiliated to any board of education. Take in students from KG all the way to Class XII, and follow an independent syllabus/curriculum, but aim to prepare the students so that they are able to take the Class X and Class XII exams through the National Open School (or ICSE depending on the student's choice) as private candidates and prepare them well so they can crack the exams with high scores. All students who pass the Open School exams can then enter the mainstream (for admission to Classes XI and XII in a conventional school if they so desire and for admission to undergraduate courses in colleges and univesities as well). The institution has no need to follow the pattern of a conventional school. It is free to set its own educational agenda, innovate in the use of educational methodologies and do things things the way it thinks is best for helping the children learn.

  • Head Office-112/2-B, benajhabar road swaroop nagar kanpur Branch Office- 111/402 ashok nagar kanpur
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